The Essential 2021 Marketing Plan for Lawyers

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JANUARY 21, 2021

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  • What critical elements should be part of your Marketing 2021 Plan
  • What you need to prepare for Google’s Update in May 2021
  • How much/often you should be adding content to your website
  • What you should be posting on Social Media

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Webinar Warm-up

8 Must-Haves for Your 2021 Marketing Plan

Friends – we made it to 2021. Hallelujah. 2020 was a dumpster fire, but we have learned from it, adapted to it, and probably came out as better marketers because of it. If last year was especially rough for your firm, the good news is that people are ready for normalcy and are eager to conduct “business as usual.” The hope is that this translates to more cases, but that will only happen if you put in the effort now. 

We encourage each firm to set aside one day each quarter to map out a marketing calendar that fits your firm’s personality, vision, and budget. To help you plan, we have put together a list of eight marketing action items to consider starting or revamping for the new year: 

Prepare for Google’s 2021 Update: Google rarely gives a warning before launching a devastating algorithm change, which is why many marketing gurus were shocked when Google announced its “Page Experience” update months ahead of time. Starting in May 2021, Google says it will rank websites based on “page experience.” Page experience will be determined by several factors, which we will be discussing in an upcoming webinar (see bottom for details). If you would like us to check to see if your website will make the cut, give us a call, and we will check it for free. Or you can test how your website performs by running your URL through If you do not score an A, you should make changes now so that the May 2021 change doesn’t obliterate your rankings.

Google Ads / Local Services Ads: Most attorneys in PILMMA are currently utilizing Google Ads, and we know many of you are testing Google’s new Local Services Ads. However, a few of you are holding out from using any of Google’s pay-per-click and lead services. Perhaps you’ve had a negative experience with running ads, or maybe you feel Google Ads are ineffective. We don’t blame you. It’s expensive, can be complex to manage, and paying hundreds of dollars per lead can be intimidating. However, 50-75% of Page 1 on Google Search is Google property. If you have relied on SEO for most of your incoming internet leads, we highly recommend revisiting the idea of running Ads to increase your caseload this year. If you need help getting started with ads, or if you would like us to audit your current campaigns, Heidi and I would be happy to set up a time to talk with you.

Print Newsletter / E-Newsletter: There are many ways to keep in touch with clients after they stop being your clients – birthday cards, holiday cards, short phone calls, etc. However, there probably isn’t a more effective outreach than a mailed monthly newsletter. A newsletter will keep your firm top-of-mind at least once a month, even if the person only briefly looks at it. To make the most of having a newsletter, make sure it’s fun, interactive, and relevant. You can include articles about local happenings, feature employees and clients, share recipes, talk about charitable events you’re involved with, but most importantly, give readers something to DO. One year, our client sent us their Christmas party photos to use in the newsletter. We noticed there was a man in the background photobombing one of the pictures. Instead of discarding the photo, we used it to host a contest – “Spot the Photo Bomber” – in the newsletter with a $25 prize. That newsletter had the most opens and engagements for the entire year. The point? If you make your newsletter interactive and fun, you’ll be surprised to see how many people pay attention to your firm.

Content Marketing: There has been a lot of debate on whether SEO is dead or not. We are here to tell you that it is essential. Legal marketing is probably one of the most competitive, expensive fields on the internet. Every signal helps you rank higher, including adding original content. If you keep an eye on the top firms who are doing well online, you’ll see that many of them are pumping out 15,000-word blogs to gain a competitive edge in major cities. We wish we were joking. It can be easy to get writing burnout when you are competing on that level. We advise mixing up your content marketing and get creative – because really – what real person is going to read 15,000 words about auto accidents? In our upcoming webinar, we will be discussing content ideas that can help you get more traffic, boost your SEO, and give your marketing team a break from writing the same dull content week after week. 

Video Marketing: Video marketing is a great way to spice up your content marketing. With YouTube being the second-biggest search engine and a Google product, it pays to include videos in your marketing plan this year. Your typical FAQ-style videos just answering a question is certainly one way to rank for important keywords, but it shouldn’t be the only way you are utilizing video. It’s boring, and your engagement will show it. How can you add flavor to your videos? Try to think outside the box this year, and be OK with being a little goofy and opinionated. Getting outside of your comfort zone is the only way to grow and catch the eye of viewers. 


Community Events: With COVID still lurking, you may think events are out of the question. However, many businesses have survived and thrived by adapting their concept of an event. For instance, one concert venue has changed its seating arrangement by creating socially-distant pods for groups of four. Now families can enjoy a concert together without the usual pushing, shoving, and long lines typical of concerts. The result? The venue has sold out almost all future shows and received an excellent response from concert-goers on social media. Is there a way you can host an event and make it safe for people? If your firm is the kick-starter in your community for a safe, local event, like hosting a drive-in movie, you will be a local hero and can make the most of the opportunity to grow your herd.

Social Media Marketing: I cringe when lawyers talk about posting ads on Facebook for car accidents. I’m not saying it doesn’t work for some practice areas, but personal injury is especially hard. That’s because social media isn’t a platform for crisis-event marketing. There is enough negative energy on Facebook without adding your advertisement reminding people they could be in a car accident in the future. Instead, social media is a platform that should be used to show your personality, generosity, humor, and the fact that you care – without saying it. People hire who they like, and that includes lawyers. 

Client Experience: We can’t overlook one of the most important aspects of any law firm – client experience. We always tell our clients that we can make their phone ring, but that won’t do them any good if their receptionist sucks or if the client doesn’t enjoy their consultation with you. How can you get an unbiased idea of what a client’s experience is? Ask someone, or hire a secret shopper to go through the process. Tell them to visit your website, and ask them what would make them call or go somewhere else. When they call, how did the receptionist make them feel? What about the consultation over the phone? Was the lobby clean, inviting, and warm? Were they offered a beverage when they arrived? Were there snacks in the conference room? Was the bathroom clean? You get the idea. Client experience can make all the difference in someone hiring you, recommending you, and becoming a raving fan of your firm. In our upcoming webinar, we will go over our exclusive Client Experience Checklist to show you how your law firm can improve your client’s journey and make them raving fans. 

We hope this article has given you some great ideas on how to improve your marketing this year. We feel confident that if you properly implement these action items, you will see a significant difference in your caseload by the end of the year. 

If you want a behind-the-scenes peek at the custom marketing calendar we have developed for our law clients this year, sign up for our free webinar – Your Essential 2021 Marketing Plan ON THE FORM ABOVE. We will discuss some of the above topics in-depth, answer your marketing questions, and provide you with free tools you can start using right away!