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SEO Optimization

Optimizing a lawyer’s website for Google, also known as law firm SEO, is a significant part of any law firm’s marketing plan. Developing, executing, and managing a strong SEO strategy takes time, energy, and technical expertise that most busy attorneys don’t have.

When your law firm partners with Twofold, our marketing experts manage all of your digital campaign features to guarantee you see the results you want. Visualize having less stress, more time, a better return on investment, and more clients from the web.

What Is Law Firm SEO?

Search engine optimization can generally be described as the science of getting individual pages from your law firm’s website to show at the top of search engine results pages (SERPS) whenever a user searches for a specific term. For law firms, SEO is an art as much as it is a science, and experts must have creative and technical skills.

A focused SEO marketing strategy for law firms is one of the best ways to get increased visitors, leads, and more cases from the web.

Design That Google Likes

Google has championed “mobile-friendliness” as a crucial factor in search rankings. Smartphones and tablets account for an ever-increasing percentage of internet usage and represent over half of all Google searches.

Having a law firm website that is visually pleasing and easily navigates on desktop screens is no longer sufficient. Your site must be equally effective and responsive when viewed on smaller devices, with large text and links that are easy to click.

Every website that Twofold designs uses a “responsive layout” to give visitors the most pleasing experience, despite the kind of device they are using. Our company has stayed ahead of this trend and maintains an impressive portfolio of mobile-friendly designs.

Fast Websites

With abundant statistics regarding mobile device usage, you understand that many searchers are going to be seeing your site on their phones and tablets. Your website needs to be fast and optimized for mobile to serve your viewers best.

Your site must be technically reliable and display quickly for visitors. Analysis has revealed that most users leave a page that takes longer than 5 to 10 seconds to load.

Twofold will optimize your website’s load speed by using several techniques, including image compression, reducing and packaging JavaScript, and producing an appropriate HTML to text ratio.

Content Created for Lawyers

The most valuable piece of a website is the content. No quantity of technical tinkering can make up for poorly drafted or irrelevant material to a searcher’s needs. From a content viewpoint, optimization starts with recognizing content demands, which can include essential blogs and static pages, or more visually appealing content such as videos, infographics, and slide presentations.

Our creative team of writers (which includes members who have years of experience writing for law firms) abides by legal standards that convey content authority.

Show Up FIRST in Google Search

How does Google determine the rank of websites?

Google, the world’s prominent search engine, is estimated to use nearly 200 ranking factors to determine how a site ranks for a given search query. According to Google, SEO is about executing minute adjustments and incremental enhancements to your law firm’s website that affect your site’s user experience and performance in organic search engine results.

It’s vital to note how Google relates user experience and search results. Many of Google’s most notable changes to the way it ranks law firm websites concentrate on the user or the person searching. Google algorithms (the complex formulas it uses to arrange website rankings) measure website quality, as explained in their company memo.

Beat Your online Competitors

What Can Your Firm Gain from Successful SEO for Lawyers?

When correctly maintained, a law firm’s website and SEO campaign can be one of its most significant sources of new cases and leads, and it can bring an excellent return on investment (ROI) to the firm. An SEO campaign that isn’t correctly handled can be a consistent source of work, frustration, and stress, not to mention wasted time and money.

Successful law firm SEO campaigns will:

  • Get more traffic and visibility
  • Bring in more leads and cases
  • Generate more revenue
  • Reduce cost-per-case
  • Ease stress and frustration
  • Provide a good return on investment

Make a Lasting Impression

Extensive SEO for Lawyers and the Twofold Advantage

At Twofold, we believe that giving an exceptional user experience for your potential clients is essential. However, our team delivers much more than that.

In addition to designing stunning websites with high-quality content, we also work on the technical aspects of lawyer web optimization. Our SEO experts maintain your website’s backlink profiles, tags, click-through-rates, titles, keyword tactics, meta descriptions, and “off-site” metrics. We handle all of the time-consuming aspects so that you can focus on running your law firm.

Twofold adds benefits in ways that other SEO vendors don’t, and we provide results that you can measure. Learn more about how Twofold is uniquely positioned to help your law firm succeed – contact us for a free consultation.

Why Do

Law Firms




  • We are leading in the digital marketing industry for law firms. At Twofold, we work with many law firms, so we know that every firm is different. We do not use a one-size-fits-all approach to our law firm SEO techniques. Instead, we tailor every campaign we run to each firm’s requirements, goals, market, and brand.
  • We have experience in this industry for over 30 years combined. Twofold has been serving law firms in a wide range of practice areas to get them more cases from the web. Given our extensive knowledge in the legal field, we recognize the paths that your potential clients take online to look for an attorney, and we have honed our approach to turning clicks into clients successfully.
  • We take a comprehensive, strategic approach. Our team has vast expertise in technical on-page law firm SEO, local optimization, outreach, and off-site optimization, and attorney pay-per-click (PPC) strategies. Our company works with certified Google Premier Partners, meeting the rigorous technical training and knowledge requirements established by Google Ads.
  • We produce results you can measure. By implementing the knowledge acquired from various attorney marketing campaigns we manage for our numerous clients and consistently fulfilling best practices, Twofold delivers digital marketing results that our clients can count in their caseloads.
  • We keep it personal. Twofold believes in creating personalized partnerships with our clients. Our team of experienced digital marketing experts uses the most advanced technology to develop clever marketing strategies and unparalleled results. Our team is always available to talk with you about your campaign. Ultimately, your success is a measure of our success.
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