Marketing Audits

How Is Your Business Doing? 

Strategic and thoughtful marketing is priceless, so make sure that you are getting what you were promised. Twofold Marketing will provide a comprehensive, systematic and objective review of your companies marketing processes to ensure that your marketing dollars are being used wisely. 

Snapshot Overview

What Do Your Clients See?

  • Branding & Logo messaging
  • Google Reviews
  • Social Media
  • Website


Comprehensive Exam

Systems, Campaigns and ROI Metrics

  • Website Backlinks
  • Analytics and SEO
  • Conversion Statistics and Cost
  • Adwords Campaigns


Quarterly Review

Contracts & Agreements

  • Review Contracts 
  • Negotiate New Agreements
  • New Quarter Marketing Plan
  • In-depth ROI & Analytics

Billable Time

Why Twofold Marketing?

Over 30 years of combined experience, in a wide variety of industries, gives the team at Twofold Marketing extensive knowledge and insight into what should be happening with your marketing dollars. Having a third party to delve into your current systems ensures an objective, yet fair assessment to confirm that you are receiving the best marketing for your business. 


Pay Per Click Campaigns

PPC may look simple, but it is a very complex & delicate process to achieve tangible results. We will examine your current PPC account, spend, keywords, negatives and location parameters to inform you of any weak areas, & advice on how to strengthen.

SEO & Ranking

Are your web pages indexed? Do they contain bad code? We have seen many websites that were losing money and clients due to these issues, and the business owner  was unaware.  A Marketing Audit will shine a light on how your SEO is performing.  

Website Concerns

Make sure that your website cannot be held hostage by a web designer or hosting company. Twofold Marketing will evaluate your website framework to alert you to any concerns, and walk you through how to resolve any that may be found.

Does Your Business Need A New Marketing Company?

What Our Clients are Saying

“I had no idea that my Google reviews were going to the wrong account, or that there were viruses on my website which endangered my clients! Twofold Marketing guided me in solving these problems, and advising on where to best use my marketing budget.”

Anne K.

“I was amazed that my first audit with Twofold Marketing saved me $30,000 a year based on their advice. They replaced a service provider with a more advanced option that only cost $360 a year. I am very impressed and feel that I have a clearer understanding of my marketing processes.

James M.

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