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Optimizing a lawyer's website for search engines, also known as law firm SEO, is a significant part of any law firm's marketing plan. Developing, executing, and managing a strong SEO strategy takes time, energy, and technical expertise that most busy attorneys don't have.

When your law firm partners with Twofold, our marketing experts manage all of your digital campaign features to guarantee you see the results you want. Visualize having less stress, more time, a better return on investment, and more clients from the web.

Why do law firms choose to partner and stay with Twofold?

  • We are leading in the digital marketing industry for law firms. At Twofold, we work with many law firms, so we know that every firm is different. We do not use a one-size-fits-all approach to our law firm SEO techniques. Instead, we tailor every campaign we run to each firm's requirements, goals, market, and brand.
  • We have experience in this industry for over 30 years combined. Twofold has been serving law firms in a wide range of practice areas to get them more cases from the web. Given our extensive knowledge in the legal field, we recognize the paths that your potential clients take online to look for an attorney, and we have honed our approach to turning clicks into clients successfully.
  • We take a comprehensive, strategic approach. Our team has vast expertise in technical on-page law firm SEO, local optimization, outreach, and off-site optimization, and attorney pay-per-click (PPC) strategies. Our company works with certified Google Premier Partners, meeting the rigorous technical training and knowledge requirements established by Google Ads.
  • We produce results you can measure. By implementing the knowledge acquired from various attorney marketing campaigns we manage for our numerous clients and consistently fulfilling best practices, Twofold delivers digital marketing results that our clients can count in their caseloads.
  • We keep it personal. Twofold believes in creating personalized partnerships with our clients. Our team of experienced digital marketing experts uses the most advanced technology to develop clever marketing strategies and unparalleled results. Our team is always available to talk with you about your campaign. Ultimately, your success is a measure of our success.

If you are eager to take the next step with your marketing plan:

What Is Law Firm SEO?

Search engine optimization can generally be described as the science of getting individual pages from your law firm's website to show at the top of search engine results pages (SERPS) whenever a user searches for a specific term. For law firms, SEO is an art as much as it is a science, and experts must have creative and technical skills.

A focused SEO marketing strategy for law firms is one of the best ways to get increased visitors, leads, and more cases from the web.

What Can Your Firm Gain from Successful SEO for Lawyers?

When correctly maintained, a law firm's website and SEO campaign can be one of its most significant sources of new cases and leads, and it can bring an excellent return on investment (ROI) to the firm. An SEO campaign that isn't correctly handled can be a consistent source of work, frustration, and stress, not to mention wasted time and money.

Successful law firm SEO campaigns will:

  • Get more traffic and visibility
  • Bring in more leads and cases
  • Generate more revenue
  • Reduce cost-per-case
  • Ease stress and frustration
  • Provide a good return on investment

How Can Twofold Make a Difference in Your Law Firm SEO?

Hiring a business to help with your website can feel similar to taking your car to the repairman, in that you must trust their expertise and hope for the best. You may not understand everything that is done to get your vehicle operating smoothly, but you absolutely should be asking questions, so you know exactly what you are paying for.

While our results and client reviews speak for themselves, the experts at Twofold are always ready to bring you "under the hood" of your marketing plan. We are glad to talk about every aspect of your campaign by explaining how we administer local optimization, technical ("on-site") optimization, and off-site optimization. The Twofold marketing team is also happy to personally answer questions about why we are doing what we are doing.

Our Structure for Law Firm SEO

Effective SEO for attorneys is not a static process. It takes regular monitoring from the moment of launch, which means we evaluate and adjust sites continuously to provide visitors with the information they are seeking and help firms reach their goals.

From the time your website launches and for as long as you partner with Twofold, our team will guarantee your site supports attorney SEO best practices and Google Webmaster Guidelines for on-site optimization. A few of the significant areas incorporated as part of our SEO structure:

  • Internal Links: These are links that connect one page on a domain to a separate page on the same site. They only reference that specific site's content, helping with navigation and information authority. A sound internal link structure signifies that your website's content is expertly organized and information is easy to find. It also helps users navigate your site clearly, spending more time and absorbing more of your content.
  • Content: The most valuable piece of a website is the content. No quantity of technical tinkering can make up for poorly drafted or irrelevant material to a searcher's needs. From a content viewpoint, optimization starts with recognizing content demands, including essential blogs and static pages, or more visually appealing content such as videos, infographics, and slide presentations. Our creative team of writers and editors (which include members who have years of experience reporting on legal topics) abide by journalistic standards that convey content authority.
  • Page Speed: Your site must be technically reliable and display quickly for visitors. Analysis has revealed that most users leave a page that takes longer than 5 to 10 seconds to load. Twofold will optimize your website's load speed by using several techniques, including image compression, reducing and packaging JavaScript, and producing an appropriate HTML to text ratio.
  • Titles: First impressions matter on the internet. Title tags show up in search engine result pages, browsers, and external websites. These title tags present the user with a picture of what the page includes, usually by keywords and branding. Expertly written titles promote your content and make an excellent first impression.
  • Mobile Optimization: Google has championed "mobile-friendliness" as a crucial factor in search rankings. Smartphones and tablets account for an ever-increasing percentage of internet usage and represent over half of all Google searches. Having a law firm website that is visually pleasing and easily navigates on desktop screens is no longer sufficient. Your site must be equally effective and responsive when viewed on smaller devices, with large text and links that are easy to click. Every website that Twofold designs uses a "responsive layout" to give visitors the most pleasing experience, despite the kind of device they are using. Our company has stayed ahead of this trend and maintains an impressive portfolio of mobile-friendly designs.

Law Firm Website: Visitor Experience Matters Most

Links, content, mobile-friendliness, page speeds, titles, and the various other SEO aspects that are quality-checked by Twofold for our clients share one primary point: the visitor.

You recognize them as potential clients and current clients - the searchers who view your site in hopes of obtaining legal help. How thoroughly our lawyer marketing campaigns work for clients depends on the user experience. To be precise, users need to find relevant information, efficiently delivered to them, and optimized for the devices they are using.

Our digital media specialists and content experts are devoted to practicing a people-first strategy to lawyer marketing. We work with numerous law firms and attorneys, giving us insights into what will work — and just as important, what won't work — in law firm marketing online.

Our guiding belief is that technical SEO for attorneys should never get in the way of the visitor experience. We believe that your prospective clients are the most critical factor in any decision, and we strive to guarantee they find your site and reach out to get help if needed.

Questions You May Have Concerning Legal SEO

At Twofold, we get all kinds of questions from lawyers and legal marketers about SEO and different online marketing projects. While the most reputable law firm SEO results are based on multiple components of search engine algorithms, the info below is intended to give you further insight into how law firm SEO works.

How does Google determine the rank of websites?

Google, the world's prominent search engine, is estimated to use nearly 200 ranking factors to determine how a site ranks for a given search query. The business declares that SEO is about executing minute adjustments and incremental enhancements to your law firm's website that affect your site's user experience and performance in organic search engine results.

It's vital to note how Google relates user experience and search results. Many of Google's most notable changes to the way it ranks law firm websites concentrate on the user or the person searching. Google algorithms (the complex formulas it uses to arrange website rankings) measure website quality, as explained in their company memo.

In what way do Google algorithms affect SEO for lawyers?

Google algorithms are created by people trying to put themselves in users' shoes to determine which pages/sites they view as high-quality and which they see as low-quality. Likewise, SEO for lawyers is the work of online marketing experts. They use technical tools and their knowledge of consumer response to determine what searchers want and how they can implement it.

Strong search engine marketing for attorneys is not merely the method of meeting the particular standards defined by Google. Expert legal marketing professionals can keep pace by also focusing on the user experience.

What is the difference between SEM and SEO?

SEO concerns optimizing your website to get higher rankings and extra traffic from organic search results. Search engine marketing (SEM) goes past SEO and utilizes paid options to produce more visibility and traffic. It includes techniques such as law firm PPC promotions with Google Ads and Bing Ads.

What is off-site SEO? Is off-site SEO critical to my website's success?

Off-site SEO is associated with the promotional methods that are used to increase traffic and rankings of your website. This involves link outreach for valuable content that you have on your site.

Is continuous blogging bringing value to my website and online campaign?

It depends on how useful your content is. If you are posting just because you think regular posting is good for SEO, then continuous blogging isn't going to improve your rankings. This could potentially hurt your rankings in the long run. If you have a website that produces thin, boring content with limited views, Google may recognize your site as low quality and lower your SERPs rank.

Still, if you are focused on producing content that stimulates readers, gets traffic, is shared on social media, and is often linked to, blogging may serve to give you a constant stream of new leads.

Some SEO companies say that being registered in online directories is bad, and others say it's okay. What's the truth?

It all comes down to the quality and relevancy of the directories. Don't fret about wasting time or energy on non-specific directories. Instead, concentrate on getting registered in industry-relevant lists that have viewers that could turn into leads for you. Directories that can produce good traffic and qualified prospects are great ones to consider.

I want to replace my law firm SEO vendor, but my current company says they own the website and the content. What can I do?

We hear about this difficulty occasionally. Some SEO businesses may preserve the rights to your design, content, or even your domain, so be careful when weighing your choices. Others may use restrictive platforms and say that websites can't be granted to you without notable costs to transfer the site to a different host.

Regrettably, if you sign a contract and accept similar terms, there may not be many choices outside of starting fresh. In most circumstances, if you're looking to change vendors, you're not getting the results you desire. A new look for your website and some expertly written and optimized content is precisely what you need. At Twofold, the websites and content that we create always belong to our clients. We don't hold your content or website hostage.

Do I need a new domain such as .law or .lawyer?

From a brand administration viewpoint, it may be a good idea to secure your firm's name in various top-level domain URLs. From an SEO view, there is likely little difference between .com, .law, .lawyer, and others. Don't assume that by establishing your website on a .law or .lawyer domain will make it easier to rank. You should still have a great design, well-thought-out website construction, high-quality content, and authoritative links to have the best chances to rank strongly.

Why are backlinks relevant?

Backlinks are when a website has a hyperlink to another site. Backlinks are one of the various quality signals that Google uses to decide what pages should rank for a given keyword or phrase. Several years ago, whoever had the most backlinks won. Now, it is much more about quality than quantity, with high-authority links equaling a signal to search engines that there is something important on the page that is being linked to.

If I have excellent content on my website but a limited link profile, will I still rank well?

First, are you sure you have excellent content? When is the last time you checked your analytics? Are viewers reaching your site and leaving instantly? Are visitors turning into new leads? If you genuinely have excellent content and it is indicated by how viewers interact with your website, you probably won't need as many links as you might think to rank well.

Google wants to rank sites that answer the searchers' queries. If your website has excellent content, you have a much better shot at ranking favorably, but receiving a few high-quality links to your pages will help your results.

How do I get links in the right way, so that Google and other search engines won't penalize me?

The center of producing valuable, actionable content solves a problem, presents insights, and leads people to their desired goal. Start sharing content with your audience and others related to your industry. If you've made it your goal to produce value, instead of only attempting to get links, you won't have to worry about black-hat or gray-hat link building tactics that could get you a Google punishment or negatively influence your results.

What is NAP? Why is consistency necessary?

Your NAP is the proper Name, Address, and Phone Number of your company. Various business data aggregators capture and distribute this information to other businesses. When deciding how you rank in local results, Google examines the web for mentions of your company name, address, website URL, phone number, and other data points. It then relates that information to other data sources, including the major data providers. The more comfortable you make it for search engines to discover the correct data, the easier it is to rank in your area.

What are citations? Why are citations relevant?

A citation is a mention of your business Name, Address, and Phone Number (NAP) on another site. Citations can arise on any website. Law firms may have quotes on relevant sites such as Yelp, Bing, Avvo, and Facebook. The more high-quality citations your site has, the better the likelihood of getting traffic and visibility from Google's map results.

Is "duplicate content" a problem for my website? Why?

Duplicate content can be a significant issue when it's on your website. Years ago, when Google published its Panda update, it was scanning for sites that were weak in quality from a content viewpoint. As the algorithms have developed, they have become somewhat picky regarding what they incorporate in their index. If you have several pages on your site that cover the same topic or use other filler types, you could experience a decrease in web traffic.

Moreover, if your website includes large sections of content that also appear on other sites, it could negatively affect your site's ability to rank. Notably, if your site is not recognized as the official version of the content, you could be dropping out on vital search traffic if users are sent to a separate website. Make sure the content on your web pages and posts is original and valuable to your viewers.

What types of metrics should I pursue in a legal SEO campaign?

Below are some basic metrics that you'll want to observe to ensure your campaign moves in the right direction:

Site Performance

  • Average Time Spent on Site
  • Referral Traffic
  • Direct Traffic
  • Pageviews
  • Conversion Rate
  • Organic Traffic
  • Bounce Rate

SEO Metrics

  • Backlinks
  • Indexed Pages
  • Referring Domains
  • Keywords & Impressions
  • Click-Through Rate and Clicks in Google Search Console

Social Metrics

  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Other social networks that you share content on

How long does it take to see results from SEO?

It all depends on where you're beginning compared to those ranking higher than you. If you have a brand-new site and your competitors have been marketing for years, you should be ready to accept that you have some catching up. Depending on the strength of the competition in the market, the expenditure of time and resources into your approach, and many other factors, catching up could take several months or years. If you have an established website with genuine traffic and suitable rankings, the time to see results will undoubtedly be reduced.

Why is it essential to have reviews on sites like Google and Yelp?

References and reviews are significant pieces to how Google ranks your website locally. Reviews can serve as evidence to your prospects that your firm will provide excellent service. The more reviews you gain on various platforms like Google, Yelp, and Facebook, the higher quality signals you'll send back to Google and your prospective clients.

How do I get more reviews online?

Getting reviews from satisfied clients can be difficult without the proper methods in place. There are lots of ways to get more online reviews. Merely asking your clients is an excellent place to start. A few different ideas include:

  • Launching a contest for your team to gain reviews and turn it into a friendly competition
  • Incentivizing your staff to follow up with prior clients
  • Building reviews into your firm's culture and processes

Twofold has resources to help you on your way. Remember to keep all of your practices in line with relevant bar regulations and review platform policies.

What other activities can influence my law firm's online presence?

Provide value to your community, such as:

  • Sponsor a charity or local event
  • Volunteer at your local shelter
  • Doing things that are selfless and newsworthy or fun & thought-provoking
  • Run a scholarship campaign for students
  • Ask people about things that are important to them, and don't be afraid to get involved

The better known you are in the community, the easier it will be to dominate online.

Who should write my website content?

If you trust your content's writing to someone outside your firm, we suggest obtaining someone who:

  • Knows how to choose the keywords and topics that will help the content get ranked
  • Has excellent experience writing for legal marketing campaigns
  • Has an understanding of your audience's core concerns, feelings, and needs
  • Knows bar regulations

At Twofold, our content team consists of qualified law firm marketing directors and legal marketing professionals who have extensive expertise crafting high-quality, conversion-focused content for law firms.

How do TV promotions or commercials affect SEO?

TV ads can have a fantastic effect on the amount of brand searches people in your area perform to get to your site. Google prefers brands because they already have a level of trust associated. When more viewers are searching for your brand, it can make it easier to get ranked for other words online.

Do I need custom photos & videos on my website?

If you showed up to court in a t-shirt and sweat pants, would the judge, jury, client, or peers take you seriously? In the same regard, if the pictures and videos that you are applying on your site are low quality, old, unprofessional, or poorly lit, your visitors are inclined not to take you seriously.

If you seek to get a new design executed for your website, your firm should be ready to invest in having high-quality photos and videos produced. High-quality media will impress your visitors and appropriately represent who you are.

Why should I target specific keywords rather than others?

If your law firm is getting started with SEO, some keywords are likely too competitive to go after right away. In most circumstances, you're going to get much more traction by concentrating on long-tail search phrases. These are defined as searches that have three, four, or more words in them. These phrases have less search traffic in general but are easier to rank for and will produce a boost in traffic quicker than merely focusing on the high-volume (and often high cost-per-click) phrases that everyone seems to go after.

Some long-tail searches may have more associated purposes than other more extensive volume searches. Focusing on the long-tail may also give you opportunities to rank in the search results' featured snippet segment.

If my site is already ranking well, do I need to maintain my SEO?

Only because you're ranking well today doesn't mean it will continue that way. Everyone is competing for the top spots, and if you let off the gas when you're close to the finish line, your competition could pass you. Legal SEO isn't only about getting ranked. It's also about making sure you stay on top with your lawyer marketing strategy.

Google makes adjustments to its algorithm frequently and doesn't always let people know what they have changed. You may bring in experts to help build a strong case for your clients, and in the same way, you should be sure that your marketing is being monitored by experts who are passionate about growing your business.

Tips for Evaluating and Choosing a Legal SEO Company

  • Evaluate the company's current and past clients. Examine their search engine rankings and growth analytics, if possible. If your potential law firm marketing company does not have any current or past clients listed on its website, consider it a warning sign. Does their webpage prominently appear on the search engine results? If a law firm marketing company cannot achieve rankings for itself, it is unlikely to gain rankings for your business. Contact references. Ask if the marketing vendor kept its promises and if they would choose the vendor again.
  • Ask for content writing examples. High-quality content is critical for your website marketing. Review the vendor's website content and client examples. Ask your prospective law firm marketing provider whether they employ experienced legal content creators. Experienced legal writers will provide relevant material for your law firm's website that will appeal to readers and search engines like Google. Again, if these examples are not provided, be warned.
  • Ask how long the business has provided internet marketing services for Lawyers. Experience and longevity are valuable. Clients benefit from the knowledge that many years' experience in the field brings. If the legal marketing consultant promises top rankings within, e.g., 90 days - run! It is impossible today to achieve high rankings for competitive phrases in a short period without resorting to risky Black-Hat tactics.
  • Find out how many team members will be working on your legal marketing. Does the company employ an entire team of lawyer SEO marketing experts, or is it a one-person show? With our legal marketing team members dedicated to your campaign's success, you will have plenty of professionally trained experts working on your legal marketing campaign's results.
  • Review their portfolio and web designs. If your website is not compelling, you will not obtain conversions, even if you rank well with SEO. Not all creations are the same, and a vendor with experienced designers can create a website that works well for proper SEO and converting visitors into leads.
  • Ask about how you will contact the vendor. As with any customer relationship, getting stuck in a system of online support tickets, automated phone recordings, and unreturned messages can be very frustrating. Ask if you will have a dedicated personal marketing professional responsible for answering your calls and managing your marketing. Ask us how your marketing campaign results will be measured and shared with you in a meaningful way.

Extensive SEO for Lawyers and the Twofold Advantage

At Twofold, we believe that giving an exceptional user experience for your potential clients is essential. However, our team delivers much more than that.

In addition to designing stunning websites with high-quality content, we also work on the technical aspects of lawyer web optimization. Our SEO experts maintain your website's backlink profiles, tags, click-through-rates, titles, keyword tactics, meta descriptions, and "off-site" metrics. We handle all of the time-consuming aspects so that you can focus on running your law firm.

Twofold adds benefits in ways that other SEO vendors don't, and we provide results that you can measure. Learn more about how Twofold is uniquely positioned to help your law firm succeed - contact us for a free consultation.

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