Grow Your Business With Google Ads

Get on Page 1 of Google Instantly and Start Getting Customers Today!

Powerful Results

Paid Advertising Can Produce Powerful Results For Your Business, Getting You New Customers in New Areas

Is your business seeking new customers? It could take months to acquire high organic search rankings. A Twofold Marketing pay-per-click (PPC) campaign can help your business to produce immediate results. We have dramatically improved many law firm’s PPC numbers when we began managing their campaign through Google.

Maximize Your Return

At Twofold, our team works to build PPC campaigns that produce consistent, relevant new leads for our clients. Unlike many PPC management companies, we offer a full-service digital marketing team. To maximize your return, we use our extensive set of digital advertising capabilities:

  • Content strategy
  • Web design
  • Web development
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Graphic Design
  • Keyword research
  • Keyword intent optimization

Rank #1 on Google

Is a Google Pay-Per-Click campaign right for my business?

One of the significant advantages of placing PPC ads on Google is that it allows for virtually instant 1st-page visibility in searches. An effectively managed PPC campaign may be the right choice for your business if you don’t have the time to wait for an organic SEO campaign. The SEO process takes time depending on many factors, including how competitive your market is, where your site is currently ranking, and the level of trust the search engines have with your website.

With Google’s change of eliminating the right-side ads and adding an advertisement up top, it makes more sense than ever to run a law firm PPC ad campaign. Studies show that the #1 paid position on Google receives more clicks than anything else on the first page of results, including Google locals and the #1 organic spot.

Make an Impression

Google search results are shortening. Google Ads and directories dominate the search engine results, driving organic listings lower on the results page. What does this mean for your site? It may already be pushed below related ads and other Google Properties. An expert PPC campaign can list your website at the top of Google search results and produce more clients and customers.

“I Tried Google Ads Before, and It Didn’t Work.”

Important changes to Google Ads in the past year have created new opportunities. If you have not run a campaign in the last few months, now is the time to try again. We also have a new process to help your ads improve conversions.

The Twofold Difference

Twofold can put a team of online marketing professionals at your company’s disposal. They can execute a timely, cost-efficient, and highly effective PPC campaign that meets your goals this year.

Our team will focus on these critical areas:

Focusing keywords

Careful selection of keywords (search terms) is an essential part of paid search advertising. At Twofold, our team uses cutting-edge tools to administer careful keyword research and make sure that we tightly match your keywords to the particular types of legal cases you are seeking.

A clear message in your ad content

We understand the significance of the ad content. Your PPC website landing page and other ad copy must be relevant to your keywords, and it must also lead to conversions. It should:

  • Be easy to navigate
  • Communicate a clear, direct message
  • Feature a way to contact your firm.

We can promote various ads and continuously test and refine the copy until we get it “just right.”

Reaching your target audience

Twofold takes a proactive approach to PPC advertising. We use data and study analytics to target the potential clients you want to view your ads.

Additionally, Twofold can analyze and monitor your competitors’ PPC campaigns’ performance and help you to stay ahead of the pack.

Carefully managing your bids and budget.

We intend to deliver the best cost-per-conversion rate as possible for your business. We start by determining the budget needed for your campaign. The budget should cover a number of clicks per day so that you will obtain valuable data. We can use that funding to make improvements to your bids as we move forward.

We will also keep you frequently updated about your PPC campaign’s performance by presenting your business with extensive, easy-to-read reports.

Get Started Today

Contact Twofold today to discuss how we can help your business get qualified leads from a pay-per-click campaign. We will be glad to provide you with a free consultation so that you can understand the options available to you.

(Frequently Asked Questions About Google Ads & Paid Advertising

What is Pay-per-Click?

PPC is the advertising of your business online, mainly on Google search results. We produce text ads to be shown when people search for your services and products in particular locations. You only pay when someone clicks your advertisement, and you can control the spending by setting a monthly budget. We can set up an expert campaign that will lead to more business for you.

What is Remarketing?

Have you ever been followed around the internet by an advertisement from a website you recently visited? If so, you’ve experienced remarketing. Remarketing lets you display ads to people who have recently visited your website. As they browse online, your banner ad is shown on other sites they are viewing. The method keeps your business on their mind and just one click away. It’s cost-effective, and it works.

What is Phone Tracking?

For most campaigns, we can use phone tracking. By placing a code on your website, we can track which leads and calls are coming from your Google Ads. A phone tracking system enables us to see the value of a PPC campaign.

What are Other Advertising Opportunities?

We can create Facebook advertisements, Google Ads Call Only campaigns, Google My Business Graphics, and other social network campaigns. Ask us about a variety of different opportunities to expand your firm.

Is PPC Expensive?

When analyzing PPC costs, you should consider: how much is a new client worth to my business? It really depends on the services you provide. If you customer’s lifetime value is $100, it wouldn’t make sense to spend $100 on a click. However, if the lifetime worth of your client is $5000, then $100 may be worth it and actually cost less than other acquisition efforts.

Does Every New Lead Become a CUSTOMER?

No, not every new lead turns into your client. Most businesses can expect a 8% to 20% conversion rate of clicks into clients. We have the experience and skills to help you train your team to improve this number. This means that if you receive leads for $50 each and obtained ten leads per month, your new client costs range from $250 to $350 per new lead (based on a closing rate of 30% to 50%).

How Much Do Businesses Pay on PPC for a New Client?

While it varies, some businesses get new potential clients for less than $50. Very competitive areas (like legal marketing) can pay over $500 per new lead. It depends on how much competition you have, the quality of your ads, the match type of your keyword phrases, and your website’s quality. The better your website, advertisements, and keyword match – the lower your costs and the higher your quality score on Google. 


Will a Google Ads Campaign Help?

Yes, a correctly set up Google Ads campaign can help your business. You can make many mistakes, and there are particular scenarios where a Google Ads campaign doesn’t make sense. But it is almost always worth the monthly fee to gain new clients continually.

Smart Strategy Saves Money.

Don’t rely on Google’s suggestions to set up a campaign. Why? Google likes to make money, and you will risk blowing your budget on keyword phrases. We can help save your firm thousands by identifying unnecessary phrases and words. Even if you are not spending at that level, we help lower your budget and improve your quality and cost of new leads.