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Your website should be more than a digital business card – it should drive new clients to your firm. What does your law firm’s website say about you? How many leads are you missing because your site is not created to convert? Twofold websites feature responsive, clean, and creative designs developed to satisfy your clients’ mobile mindset. Our websites are expertly built with the focus on delivering quality leads for your law firm.

Your firm is unique. You need a custom site. Our experienced legal design team will work with you to produce a polished, clean law firm website design that is mobile-ready, user-friendly, and an accurate representation of your law firm.

Full SEO Optimization

Mobile-first Design

High-speed User Experience

100% Original & Content

Security Features

Built on WordPress

Custom Forms

Lead Magnets

Live Chat Features

CRM Integration

Content Delivery Network

Premium Plugins

Beautiful Aesthetics

Custom Funnels

Easy-to-use Interface

Analytics & Reports

Updates & Management

Licensed Stock Images

High Performance Websites

To get more clients, your website has to be on PAGE 1 of Google. The process starts with a good foundation: A high-performance website.

What is a high-performance website?  It’s a website that is FAST, and has Technical SEO, Local SEO, and On-page SEO. It has funnels, landing pages for PPC, and has A LOT of great, original content. 

If you are ready to get clients from your website, click the link below.

Content That Converts

Gone are the days when a few paragraphs of keyword-stuffed content helped you rank on Google.

In the highly competitive world of legal marketing, you have to write to compete. That means having articles that are thousands of words long, with relevant quality videos.

Writing content that not only ranks but is written with your client in mind is key. Your webpages will have modern, easy-to-read formats so that a visitor will not tire of long pages of content.

Twofold Marketing has been writing high-quality personal injury content for over 10 years.

We make sure to keep up-to-date on the latest marketing ethics for your state. We also use that content to generate beautiful videos that can be posted on YouTube, Facebook, and your website for lead generation.

More importantly, we write content that your potential clients actually want to read, and will showcase your firm’s expertise and empathy. 

If you hire us to build your website or update your old website, we will make sure your website ready to compete with the very best content writing available to lawyers nationwide.

Website Pricing

If you want to get new clients from your website, people must be able to find you online, and that starts with having a high-performance website. 

Once your site has unique content that your viewers want, it needs to be sufficiently optimized. We will create titles and descriptions for your posts and pages that convince users to click on your listing, interlink your web pages to produce an easy passage to more in-depth content, use original pictures and videos to enhance your content, and renew your pages periodically with new stats and data.

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