Elements of A Successful Business. 

There are fundamental elements that all successful businesses must have. Read more below to determine where you are.

Business Plan

“If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail.” An age old cliche that speaks a lot of truth. Mapping out a plan for your business is the first step towards success. Twofold Marketing can help you design that plan and help develop your vision.


Your company must have an identity and a consistent voice to tell your customers what to expect when they do business with you. When your clients hear your name, what image comes to mind for them? If there is not a clear vision upon hearing your name, then you have a weak or nonexistent brand. A powerful brand will tell the world that you are a credible and legitimate company, and encourages them to bring their business to you.

Building a Team

As a business owner, you simply cannot do it all. However, having employees who are the wrong fit or need training can compromise your progress. Twofold Marketing will partner with you to implement systems to recruit, hire and train great employees.

Systems & Processes

Effective systems and processes are the engine that propels your business.  Streamlining your current methods and knowing the analytics of your costs, sales and overhead are crucial steps in strategizing how to advance your business model. Twofold Marketing has decades of experience in growing small businesses at a sustainable pace while maximizing profits.

What Happens When You Partner with Twofold Marketing?


1. Research

We dive deep into your company, learning your product & service, systems & processes, strengths & weaknesses. We define your ideal customer to map out the direction to go.

2. Strategize

Once we have a solid understanding of who you are and where you need to go, we set about creating your marketing and business plan.

3. Design

At this point in the process, we begin designing the master plan. Everything from the logo, packaging, business cards, signage, uniforms and website will be mapped out to ensure a consistent voice across all platforms. We listen to you and take your vision for your company, and make it reality.

4. Review & Improve

After we pull the trigger on your marketing campaigns, we will be carefully  monitoring, tweaking, and split testing all your campaigns to improve effectiveness and reduce on spending. 

Twofold has taken the guess work out of what to do using a month-by-month roadmap. Get your FREE 6 month plan HERE.

Don't Let Google Ads Scare You!

THERE IS BIG OPPORTUNITY TO LEAP AHEAD OF YOUR LOCAL COMPETITION. Most dental practices have not dipped their toes into using Google Ads.

We don’t want people in other states, or even cities that are too far from you spending your hard earned money.

Twofold Marketing uses only data and expert techniques to make sure your get the most for what you spend. Learn More by clicking the link below.

Start Getting Those Five Star Reviews

EVERYONE CHECKS REVIEWS THESE DAYS! It’s not new information. You know you need a comprehensive plan to get your patients to give you reviews online. But creating a system is time consuming, and there may be bumps along the way.

Twofold Marketing has helped many business increase their reviews oraganically, with real customers, without the crazy cost. We have a DO-IT-YOURSELF system you can purchase, or we can come in and train your team.

Community Events That Bring You More Customers

EVERYONE CHECKS REVIEWS THESE DAYS! Community and Charity events are a vital part of connecting with your community as well as building your brand. Twofold Marketing will carefully select events to take part in and promote for the best ROI and results. Google algorythims are also on pace to place a higher value on community events versus current SEO methods. Be ahead of the pack and cultivate community events now.

Why Optimize My Website?

A website is more than a digital business card. Today’s customer wants the option to make appointments, pay bills or complete forms from their device. Make sure that your website is both beautiful, fast and highly functional. Twofold Marketing offers websites that check all of those boxes, and we build them on a user friendly platform that allows you to make changes. No longer have your website held hostage by a management company!

Could Your Team Be Costing You Clients?

Your employees are literally the face and voice that people associate with your business. Are they welcoming each potential new client? Or are they providing road blocks that hurts your bottom line? Twofold Marketing understands how crucial this element of your marketing is, and offers in-office training with your staff.

More than a Marketing Company.

The goal of marketing is to increase your potential customers. But what if your business infrastructure is not ready to handle a large influx of new clients? That is what makes Twofold Marketing different. We have 30 years combined of business management and development experience. We can help you see the bigger picture and show you how to grow at a sustainable and steady pace.

Why Choose Us

We are the whole package. There is no need to hire multiple companies to meet all of your marketing and business needs. This lowers costs and ensures that your marketing plan is cohesive and implemented with a consistent vision.


Logo & Branding


Business Development


Digital Marketing


Google Ads & PPC


Websites & e-Commerce


Team Training

Get Started Today

Twofold Marketing has a passion for growing small businesses and we are here to help you. You do not have to commit to a long term contract, or dive into the whole enchilada right away. We are happy to customize a plan to fit your needs & budget, and map out a plan to scale your growth to your vision.

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