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How Can Twofold Help With My Satellite Law Office?

  • Physical Location – Research demographics and pinpoint a strong local area for growth. Find and procure office space. Coordinate and oversee signage, staging, and print materials.
  • Website – Create a landing page, including images and content. Add a new location to the Big 5 directories.
  • Google Ads – Create and launch a custom location-based Google Ads campaign. 
  • SEO Content & Review System – We will cultivate and curate original content for the new location. Create a review system for office staff to implement for Google reviews.
  • Custom Videos – We will script, film, and edit custom videos for your new location. 
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If you would like to open a new satellite office, Twofold Marketing offers a Satellite Office Launch program covering everything you need to get your new satellite office running successfully. Give us a call to see how we can help you begin expanding today!

    Local Branding for Lawyers in Atlanta

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    You can’t just rent a mailbox or conference room occasionally. You will need a door, an office, and a sign with your law firm’s name on it. Google likes authentic locations, with a unique address and phone number, and honestly, so do your clients. You will get clients who only contact your firm because you have a location that is close to them. So, be prepared to visit your virtual office, or have a system in place so that a representative can meet with potential clients.

    Master The First Impression

    Few professions demand an excellent first impression more than the legal profession. Clients don’t want to be represented by someone in sweats working out of their home. They must believe they are getting the most organized, professional, and successful lawyer.

    To this point, one of the first things a potential client will do is google your name or your law firm. Before even checking a website, a potential client will see your name and address listing. If your name shows a home address, an accountant office, or a PO Box, you could lose credibility. You may be regarded as an average attorney who is just trying to make it.

    Having your own office address in their area allows you to win that first impression with potential clients.

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    Dominate on Google

    Twofold will create and launch a custom location-based Google Ads campaign to jump-start your new location on Google.

    We create text ads to be displayed when people search for your practice areas in specific locations. You only pay when someone clicks your advertisement, and you can control the spending by setting a budget. We can launch an expert campaign that will lead to more business for your law firm.

    Expedite Your Law Firm

    Why Should I Use a Satellite Law Office?

    Satellite Law Offices can help expedite your law firm. If you are starting a new law firm, it can help drive your start. If you have an existing law firm and are looking to expand, it can help remove obstacles and drive expansion.

    For some attorneys, it may be time to break away and start something on their own. Moving into private practice can have huge investment limitations. However, with a satellite office, you can eliminate those high-cost material needs such as hiring receptionists, building your office out with furnishings, and other facility managerial roles. Preferably, you can start a satellite office and hit the ground running to develop a client base in your new city.

    Lawyers who have already built a thriving practice at an existing law firm may be looking to expand with more attorneys or reach clients in new cities and states. In this case, you can maintain your current office space and expand by implementing additional satellite law offices.

    A satellite law office gives you the quickest access to the following benefits:

    • Build Credibility with A Prestigious Office Address
    • Expand your Firm’s Reach Across the State & Country
    • Client Privacy with Access to Local Meeting Rooms and Offices as Needed

    Each of these benefits can help you start or grow your client base, practice, and ultimately, your firm!

    Expand your firm today with a Satellite Law Office Launched by Twofold. 678-741-5340