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If you are ready to dominate your market, you might find yourself saying…

  • I need more cases!
  • I need better-quality cases!
  • I need to stop spending money on marketing that doesn’t work! 

When it comes to marketing, do you think to yourself:

“I shouldn’t have to worry about it. I just need it done, and done right. Don’t waste my time or money.”

So if the above sounds just like you, then you’re ready to implement GOOD MARKETING. Doing so will STOP TV and Billboard Attorneys from stealing your cases.


GOOD Marketing works even when you’re sleeping. GOOD Marketing brings in more business consistently. GOOD Marketing requires a blue print and a team that can read it.

Twofold Marketing IS THAT Experienced Team

Yes, we do it ALL:

  • New Websites / Rebuilding Websites
  • SEO & Website Maintenance
  • Google Ads
  • Newsletters
  • Community & Charity Events
  • Referral Network Building


So… You’re Ready to Dominate All the Attorneys in Your Area?

“Yes! I Want to… But You’re Going to Tell Me to Throw a Bunch of Money at Google, Right?”

NOPE. Some money? Yes. That’s life with Google. But Google doesn’t, and shouldn’t, be spending all of your marketing budget. 

The internet is just one (really expensive) marketing column that holds up your practice. We help personal injury lawyers develop custom marketing plans that includes our Twofold marketing approach which is Digital Marketing + Grass Root (Community) Marketing.

Our 30+ years combined experience in marketing and legal marketing has helped us tailor a marketing plan specifically for law firms.

My Practice grew 350% using Twofold Marketing’s methods. I fought them every step of the way because I was skeptical, but I finally had to admit… IT WORKED.

J. Murphy

Attorney at Law, Law Firm in Georgia

Areas of Attack

Online Marketing for

Personal Injury Attorneys

Does your website answer their questions? Does it perform effectively and lead to conversions? Is your digital footprint accurate and Google compatible?

Twofold Marketing is skilled in creating a high tech website and digital presence that will be more than just a pretty digital business card. It will do its job– drive traffic that will lead to conversions.

Community Marketing for Personal Injury Attorneys

Does your firm have an identity that clearly communicates who you are? What you do and for whom? Do you have community events and outreach programs that establish you as a local authority? Have you found your niche?

Twofold will cultivate your public persona using a game plan that is finely tuned to establish you as a local authority which provides instant name recall when they need you most.

Get a Satellite Office to Expand Your Reach & Get More Cases

Have you considered expanding your practice area to grow your client pool? Would you like to compete in a larger area?

Twofold Marketing has a proven process to providing their legal clients with a turn-key satellite office that is correctly implemented digitially to gain incredible ROI. We complete it from start to finish, allowing you to focus on your cases.


Want to Increase Your Case Load with a New Satellite Location in Just Six Months?

Opening a new location may seem like a daunting task, but Twofold Marketing can take care of the whole process from beginning to end, and get your phone ringing in six months or less.

STEP 1: Get a Physical Location

We begin by first doing exhaustive research into an area that will garner you the most lucrative returns. We source office space, take care of the signage, print materials, and staging.

STEP 2: Establish Online Presence

The second step involves a massive flooding of your new location on the internet. The goal is to get your new phone line ringing ASAP!

STEP 3: Cement Your Online Position

We make sure that Google, and your Competitors, know that you are here, and here to stay.

Interested In Having Us Establish a New Office for You?

Our Satellite program is a special, separate program from our marketing packages, and they are exclusively for lawyers. For the cost of one case, you could have a new, lucrative satellite office that you could be getting new cases from.

We are happy to announce that it’s a flat, one time fee for all 6 months!

1 Payment of $6,500 (Save $1,000) OR 6 Payments of $1,250 Over 6 Months

Ready to Win?

You are the legal expert. We are the legal marketing experts. Together, we can make your Firm grow exponentially. We utilize a twofold method that is modern tech, coupled with personal hands on attention. It is a level of service that is guaranteed to work.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you.

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