Dental Marketing That Stands Out

Focus On the OP, Let Twofold Do the Marketing.

Front Office Training

Having the right people with the right message is crucial to converting callers into patients.

  • We train in-house
  • Provide scripts
  • Review call recordings

Online Marketing

We’ll get your website optimized and effective Google Ads running.

  • Improve Your Website
  • Effective Ad Campaigns
  • More Five Star Reviews

Community Marketing

Having a good name with within your community and with your clients is how to build long term relationships.

  • Reactivation Campaigns
  • Referral Programs
  • Charity & Community Events

In-Office Dental Plans

Approximately 40% of Americans do not have dental insurance benefits. Make your Practice appealing to those patients.

  • Custom Membership Plans
  • Campaigns to Promote
  • Systems to implement

Increase Your New Patients


Dental marketing is often divided up and managed by different companies for the various forms of marketing and training that is necessary for a Dental Practice. Rarely does that produce strong results because it leads to a disjointed marketing strategy that can make your message confusing, or even lost in translation. Twofold Marketing has a completely different approach. We examine and refine every touchpoint of your patient’s journey- from the first step in the research phase, all the way through to establishing loyalty and retention. 


Twofold Marketing begins by evaluating your Practice, Team and existing marketing so that we can create a customized marketing roadmap for your Dental Practice. We create a fully comprehensive plan touching on all of the crucial elements necessary for marketing success,  such as website, branding, PPC, local geographical SEO, lead magnets, newsletters just to name a few. But we take it a giant step futher and build your brand through unexpected and unique touches that will make your Practice stand out, be memorable and drive your patient referrals much higher. That is the Twofold Marketing method that sets us apart from the typical marketing companies. 


You no longer have to pay 3 different companies to accomplish the basics in marketing your Dental Practice. Now you have Twofold Marketing who is bringing a fresh and unexpected methodology to Dental Practice Marketing that brings results. 


Don't Let Google Ads Scare You!

THERE IS BIG OPPORTUNITY TO LEAP AHEAD OF YOUR LOCAL COMPETITION. Most dental practices have not dipped their toes into using Google Ads.

We don’t want people in other states, or even cities that are too far from you spending your hard earned money.

Twofold Marketing uses only data and expert techniques to make sure your get the most for what you spend. Learn More by clicking the link below.

Start Getting Those Five Star Reviews

EVERYONE CHECKS REVIEWS THESE DAYS! It’s not new information. You know you need a comprehensive plan to get your patients to give you reviews online. But creating a system is time consuming, and there may be bumps along the way.

Twofold Marketing has helped many business increase their reviews oraganically, with real customers, without the crazy cost. We have a DO-IT-YOURSELF system you can purchase, or we can come in and train your team.

Community Events That Bring You More Customers

EVERYONE CHECKS REVIEWS THESE DAYS! Community and Charity events are a vital part of connecting with your community as well as building your brand. Twofold Marketing will carefully select events to take part in and promote for the best ROI and results. Google algorythims are also on pace to place a higher value on community events versus current SEO methods. Be ahead of the pack and cultivate community events now.

Could Your Staff Be Costing You New Patients?

Your Front Desk team is literally the face and voice that people associate with your Practice. Are they welcoming each potential new patient or are they providing road blocks that prevents your schedule from staying full? Twofold Marketing understands how crucial this element of your marketing is, and offers in-office training with your staff. We help you become the office that patients look forward to visiting!

Get All Your Marketing Done Under One Roof

No longer must you contract with multiple companies to have all of your marketing managed. Twofold was born from the need of a one-stop-shop for dental marketing. Having the same team design and implement your marketing over all channels ensures that you have a beautiful and highly functioning marketing game plan.

We offer full-service marketing packages that include all digital marketing, community marketing, reputation management, local events, and more! Just give us a call for a price!

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