We Want to Gain Your Trust

Are We the “Right Fit” for You?

Marketing and Business is just like a marriage. A successful marriage requires both people to have similar core principles. We’ve listed ours below.

Under One Roof

We realize that you may have multiple companies working on your marketing for various reasons. If that is the case, we will need to be able to talk to your other marketing channels so that we can have an impactful approach. We will do our best to collaborate with your various companies and work towards a cohesive plan and voice.

Nothing is Instant

Great, long-lasting results take time, research, and testing. There’s no shortcut to success, and the same goes with marketing. If you want instant, try instant coffee. If you want solid buiness growth, organic SEO and brand loyalty, buckle down for the long haul. Let us buy you a good cup of coffee and we can discuss a timeframe.

Data vs. Emotions

We aren’t going to let you ambush yourself. If your decision doesn’t match the data, and won’t make you money, we’re going to tell you. We would be doing you an injustice if we didn’t at least present all of the facts for you to make an informed decision. You are a Pro at what you do, and we are a Pro at marketing and business. Let us be your Wing man.

Scout's Honor

The contract is our promise to you, and what you can expect from Twofold Marketing. Here’s the thing- we will always strive to give you 110%, even more than the contract promises. In return, to keep this relationship humming along, we need the same from you. 


We're Human

Yes, we work around the clock to get our clients results. (Twofold requires a lot of coffee.) Inevitably, we may make some mistakes. Thankfully, they’re minimal, because we use data to make our decisions, and we will always do our best to correct them right away. We are human but our hearts in the right place.

Staff On Board?

We can make the phones ring all day, but if your staff isn’t up to the task of answering your phones correctly, or isn’t providing great customer service, all of our efforts and your investments are going to waste. We’ll be mystery shopping your business to make sure things are up to par and that everyone is on the same page. 

Shifting Gears

Google likes to change up the game, a lot. One day, a technique might work, while the next it doesn’t. We keep up-to-date on all of that for you (less work for you and your team, yay!). Expect our methods to shift as quickly as Google does. So hold on tight, it will be a fun ride!

Sharing Your Results

From the beginning, we will be requesting your numbers, the bad and the good. We do this so that we can compare the data to the previous months and years. We promise to never share your confidential information, but we do need to know it, so that we can track the success of your marketing. 

Still Think We are a Good Fit?

If you are “good” with our guidelines above, then we are excited to welcome you to The Fold… Twofold. Click the button below to schedule a free lunch with us and talk about your marketing goals.

P.S. – You must also think we are funny.