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Marketing is a complex and multifaceted process to achieve results. Twofold Marketing will help you see the big picture and chart a course for your business to grow. 

What Is Smart Marketing Made of? 

Today’s world of marketing seems to only focus on one key element- digital marketing. No doubt, it is a very crucial piece of the puzzle. Any business that is not current with their digital presence is losing a lot of money. However, this cannot be the only marketing that a company is focusing on.

Google is King, and smarter than they have ever been. Google now looks at every aspect of a company to decide whether it is a valuable player. The higher Google values you, the higher you will rank. Below are the major elements that must all be cultivated to ensure growth.


Of course it is of high importance that your business- any business– has an updated website. It must meet current Google guidelines- such as no keyword cramming, only 1 site, etc.
It also must be correct on the backend. For optimum SEO, you cannot have bad backlinks, incorrect alt text or a myriad of other details.

It must be cohesive with your logo and branding. What story is your website telling? Is it drawing in or turning away clients?


Branding is a word that is thrown around a lot in marketing, and as a result has lost its true meaning. In a nutshell, it is your businesses identity. 

Consistent branding is a must, even for a small business. It sets you apart from your competitors, it draws your ideal audience and it gives you authority in your industry. 

Branding sets the tone for everything from your business cards, to signage, to your digital presence. 

Community Marketing

Yes, this matters. Google is now linking your community events to your website ranking. Also, being involved in your community is good for your business, as well as being good for your soul.

From a marketing standpoint, community events grows your local authority and goodwill. It furthers cement your name and business in the minds of your potential clients, so that when they need your services, you immediately are their go-to. 


Social Media

Every industry needs to be involved in some sort of social media. There are a variety of social media sites, and you must find the right fit for your industry.

Social media is growing in importance every year with consumers. 25% of business owners are selling through Facebook and 40% are using social media as a whole to generate sales. Find your niche to be a part of this growth. 


I’m Ready to Grow

So now you understand the importance of having a diverse marketing strategy. “What’s next” you ask? Twofold Marketing has put together a 6 month marketing plan that if executed skillfully, will have you seeing growth in your business.

Want to try it yourself? Sure! We have designed a template that can be adapted for all industries.

No time to do it yourself? No problem. Twofold Marketing will implement this plan for you. Call us today, lets get this party started. 



Month 1:


  • Logo: Design or refine. This sets the tone for all future marketing choices. Make sure that it establishes you as a legitimite business. 
  • Website: Is yours modern and look like 2019? If not, begin construction on a new SSL mobile-friendly website. If so, make sure that the backend is cleaned up and SEO friendly. 
  • Social Media: Create or correct social media accounts. Find your niche and build out your profile to get ready for posts.

Month 2:


  • Website: Complete and launch new website, dependent upon number of revisions
  • Analytics: Connect new website to Google Analytics for traffic monitoring
  • Social Media: Begin promoting or boosting ads to increase your number of followers. 

Month 3:


  • Launch Facebook promotion and ads
  • Facebook ad budget of $100 included in this package
  • Script and produce custom introductory video (up to 30 second length). Use for website and social media
  • 5 pages of custom content optimized for your target location added to your website. 

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